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Oh my god, a post!

5/18/13 by Paulwe

Holy sawtooth waves, Batman! I'm back!

So, um, yes. I haven't been on here in ages because of deviantART (if any of you guys are going to call me a wanker because I'm on dA and newgrounds, ask yourself what you accomplish by lurking on 4chan eight hours a day) and homework and blarg. And yes, I know that everybody says something like that when really they couldn't be bothered, but I'd you'll notice, I put "blarg" up there. And as we all know, "blarg" means "I'm lazy". Yes. I totally didn't just make that up.

Anyway, sorry to keep you guys hangin - since last time I was on I promised I would be back by Christmas and it is now May and exactly zip had happened since then. Well, I'm Canadian. That oughtta explain it.

Right, so to the actual point of this newspost. I've uploaded two things since I've been back and have no intent to leave it at that. So this is my promise that I will upload at least one more piece before the school year ends. At least. I have lots of stuff in the works and have no plans to keep you waiting.

OK guys, seeya!


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oh, i see. for a moment, i thought that-you was a furry, keen on making a grant battle against furry haters, and the stuff, and i was all like ''omg no more drama'' but thankfully, you're just a reasonable NG dude, who battles against spam.

(tho, i dont hate furries, BTW, i think that some furries are ok, i will admit)
so, how do you do?



Hmm, 4chan, haven't been there in ages, I wonder if they're still around...

6/7/13 Paulwe responds:

Oh, they're stil around all right...

upload more stuff, ok?
like movies.

also, canada is cool.
and dare i ask, what's wrong with deviantart? are you a furry?

6/7/13 Paulwe responds:

Nah, it's just that the boys over at 4chan and encyclopedia dramatica hate NG and dA because th think they're for "fags" or whatever. Because hanging around on /b/ and fapping all day is a great use of time. </sarcasm>