Bleep Bloop

2013-10-06 15:34:29 by Paulwe

Just bought Little Sound DJ (A.K.A. LSDj, hur hur) and I'm so excited! For those of you not in the know, LSDJ is a program for making music with the Nintendo Game Boy. I don't actually have a Game Boy, mind you, but details, details.

Bleep Bloop

Oh my god, a post!

2013-05-18 04:53:15 by Paulwe

Holy sawtooth waves, Batman! I'm back!

So, um, yes. I haven't been on here in ages because of deviantART (if any of you guys are going to call me a wanker because I'm on dA and newgrounds, ask yourself what you accomplish by lurking on 4chan eight hours a day) and homework and blarg. And yes, I know that everybody says something like that when really they couldn't be bothered, but I'd you'll notice, I put "blarg" up there. And as we all know, "blarg" means "I'm lazy". Yes. I totally didn't just make that up.

Anyway, sorry to keep you guys hangin - since last time I was on I promised I would be back by Christmas and it is now May and exactly zip had happened since then. Well, I'm Canadian. That oughtta explain it.

Right, so to the actual point of this newspost. I've uploaded two things since I've been back and have no intent to leave it at that. So this is my promise that I will upload at least one more piece before the school year ends. At least. I have lots of stuff in the works and have no plans to keep you waiting.

OK guys, seeya!


2012-10-04 08:59:05 by Paulwe

(this is going on both my Newgrounds and deviantART profiles because it applies to both)

So. I have uploaded almost nothing since school started and that's basically because I'm swamped with homework. I honestly don't have any time for any sort of fun whatsoever, what with the quickly approaching deadlines and all.

SO. I will be on very little until the end of term. When term ends, then I will go on an uploading burst to compensate. Some things I'm planning on working on are: (these are things that could go on either account depending on the media type. the stuff with question marks may or may not happen)

* More 8bit stuff.
* Some techno.
* A suite/symphony thing?
* More short stories.
* More photos.
* A novel?
* A photo book?
* A short story collection?
* A poem collection? (most likely in the same volume as the short story collection)

So as you can see I will be very busy until about Christmas.

Ta ta for now!

Yeah, more music!

2012-09-29 10:31:23 by Paulwe

OK, so what with school and all I haven't had much time to compose music. BUT I WILL! I'm going to try and get at least one more chiptune in, and then hopefully some classical. I might do a bit of techno too, but right now I'm having trouble wrangling my synthesisers and getting them to do what I want so that might have to wait.

In other news, I found a website which sells GarageBand Jam Packs! Granted, I have reason to believe they're pirated, but that's what Apple gets for screwing around with their products.

Attempting the impossible.

2012-05-04 14:00:01 by Paulwe

Well, since I've never introduced myself (except on deviantART, natch), I'd better do that now. The name's Paulwe (which I should really change - I've been using it since I was 7), and I write a peculiar mix of orchestral (Hollywood soundtrack style), 8 bit, and techno (actually, some of it's closer to club) music. The songs I've uploaded are just the ones I don't mind people using in games 'n' stuff, by the way. If I write something that I want to distribute under a slightly stricter licence, I'll post about it.

Anyways, in the past I've used mainly (OK, exclusively) GarageBand (which I'll upgrade to Logic as soon as I get the money, hint hint nudge nudge) for composing stuffs. But I'm planning on using some kind of tracker (or, I dunno, a pseudotracker like renoise) for my next project.

For the uneducated, that means I have to program in EVERY SINGLE NOTE, just like writing a computer program.

That's not to say I can't do it because I don't know how. I just don't have the attention span.

Well, I'm going to try anyways. Wish me luck.

EDIT: Nevermind about the Logic thing (for now), I think Apple is screwing around with it's products too much. WHY DID YOU HAVE TO GET RID OF THE FREAKING JAM PACKS?! Anyway, the upshot of that is I might use Reason or FL Studio or something to that effect.